Key Skills of Successful Future

So, let's take a look:

1. Critical thinking - is a way of thinking when a person questions incoming information and even his own beliefs. This is a very useful skill, because the question "Maybe things can work the other way I think they should?" helps development. And of course criticism is constructive - conscious analysis of any information and especially of our own limiting beliefs.

2. Creativity - is the ability to see and create something new out of daily standard things and situations. When Michelangelo was asked how he created the statue of David, the sculptor replied, "I saw an angel in a piece of marble and I wanted to set it free."

3. Complex problem solving - means that a person is able to see the core of problem and deal with the cause, not the effect. Let's say a person comes to the doctor and says: "I want to lose weight". The doctor thinks about it and suggests: "Well, stop eating sweets" or "Do sports." And there in fact the problem is not only in the sweet lifestyle, but in the endocrine system, daily regime, psychological problems in the family and so on, the whole complex.

4.People management. Michael Jordan said, "Talent will win games and a team will win championships." People management is the complex of skills of how leaders make major decisions...., not just about subordinates, but about People. How to motivate people and teams, so that they run in sprints to work, and not from work? How to resolve conflicts within the team? Knowing the answers to all these questions means mastering people management.

5. Coordinating with others. This is understandable - working in a team increases everyone's efficiency up to 150%.

6. Emotional intelligence. In 1995, American psychologist Daniel Goleman published the book "Emotional intelligence", which became a bestseller, although in fact the theory of EI appeared much earlier. Emotional intelligence - is the ability to understand the emotions, intentions and motivations of others and our own, as well as the ability to manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. After studying the biographies of world personalities, it becomes clear that for each of them EI was one of the important components of their success.

7. Judgment and decision-making Time is an irreplaceable resource. The ability to prioritize, relying on your key criteria in the conditions of accelerating progress becomes more relevant than ever.

8. Customer orientation – so called - Service orientation. According to forecasts, the service sector in the world is going to grow, and good service is always worth its weight in gold.

9. Negotiation. It's understandable, isn't it? If not, I will touch this topic in one of my next posts.

10. Cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is the ability of the mind to quickly switch from one thought to another, as well as to think about several things at the same time.

What do we see in this list of 10 Skills for a Successful Future?

5 out of 10 skills are related to the ability to communicate with people, to negotiate and manage them, to understand and serve them (personnel management, interaction with people, negotiation, emotional intelligence).

Another 4 areas out of 10 are related to the abilities of the brain: the ability to think quickly, to see the core, to find solutions to problems, to generate new projects and ideas (complex problem solving, creativity, cognitive flexibility, critical thinking).

So: Study people and their needs, and train your brain for the future. Time comes when Person himself, his emotions, motivations and development becomes the main thing in our world.