We welcome you to join us and we guarantee:

Coaching support at the highest level of qualification according to ICF standards
Sincere interest and involvement within the framework of professional ethics
Absolute confidentiality of both the content of the work and the fact of work itself
We work in Moscow and online worldwide
BIS – Center of Professional Business Coaching
We work with entrepreneurs and business owners in an individual format, as well as with teams and executives employed in business and executive coaching format
If you are entrepreneur and you want effectively and systematically achieve your life and business goals
Our coaches are professionally certified. We guarantee confidentiality, highly effective coaching and sustainable results of the work put into practice.
Email us at bis@miachina.space to schedule an introductory meeting. At this meeting, we will discuss the specifics of your request and plan an customized plan for professional coaching support.
If you are HR and it is important to support your team and leaders in the face of change
Business coaching for leaders and teams
adaptation is required in the event of change - employees taking on new roles, staff expansion, new lines of business, mergers and acquisitions
requires assistance in skills development - management, communication and other soft skills for effective implementation of the professional role
requires building and expanding a coherent strategic vision, team building, engaging employees and encouraging them to take on more responsibility
Business coaching is a method of working professionally with the goals of the entrepreneur and their team with a focus on strengthening the business
This kind of work is especially important when:
It can also be an important element of rewarding valued employees
Write to us and we will discuss your request and suggest the best options for working through it
Personal coaching for the entrepreneur and owner:
You are the founder of the company and everything is on you

You make all decisions and strategies on your own, often under the pressure of circumstances and there is no assurance that these decisions are the best possible ones

Business routine eats up all your time and energy

Your attention to other spheres of life reaches you only on a residual principle and your life can hardly be called balanced.

You realize the importance of self-development and learning new skills, but one thing or another distracts you and doesn't allow you to focus on it

You are on the cusp of change and it's hard to adapt.

You have little memory of why you started the business in the first place and can't imagine how it could be any other way.
Find a balance of work, rest and activity in other areas of life and stick to it

Get out of exhausting administration, fine-tune delegation and trust your team more.

Redefine yourself, your role, your business and its place in your life

Revise your goals - how achievable are they and at the same time, do they turn you on, are they challenging and exciting?

Create and test ideas, hypotheses about other directions, business models and markets

Adopt new, more productive behaviors and management models

Learn new skills - delegation, sales, public speaking - more effectively and sustainably

Become more honest with yourself, more open to others, more confident and happy
Believe that it's in your power:
If you:
Coaching support includes:
Tasks for self-study
Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions
Materials and templates for further independent work
Personal chat support on request
How the work goes in an individual contract:
You leave a request
Free strategic session
Payment and signing the contract
Working sessions
Reconciliation / summarizing
"It is important for me to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship. Therefore, I combine my international business expertise and entrepreneurial skills with my work as a coach and mentor to interact most effectively with each unique company, team and each unique owner and entrepreneur"
Oksana Miachina, founder of the center BIS

20+ years working with B&B business clients
17 years of leadership experience in brand management, marketing and foreign trade
4 higher educations: pedagogy, economics, psychology, MBA
Business psychologist, PCC ICF coach, FPCM expert coach, member of NFPMC, ARC, mentor-assessor ICF, author-trainer of programs for leaders and experts
Russia / Kazakhstan / Georgia / Armenia / Belarus / Latvia / Ukraine / Azerbaijan / England / Germany / Spain / Italy / China / India
Email us to discuss your request
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